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                        Poetry: Ode on an REI Backpack


                        Editor’s note: The Reads beat is publishing short fiction, poetry and other creative writing pieces. Send submissions to scotts7 ‘at’ stanford.edu.

                        Big enough to hold all of the things
                        Day-to-day, month-to-month
                        Sunscreen, dead of winter, 
                        but what if I burn?
                        Lip balm, in every case, 
                        what if I’m not kissable?
                        Tweezers for emergencies, stray hairs, stray splinters
                        Water, always.
                        A book
                        Two books
                        Three books
                        Unopened in months, unread
                        Eight pounds of ink and paper on my disabled back, 
                        but what if I get bored? 
                        My journal
                        Worn, trusty, hardy
                        Weeks of missing entries, but what if something notable happens?
                        Laptop charger
                        Phone charger
                        Portable battery
                        Second portable battery
                        Portable battery charger
                        Oil blotting papers
                        Three pilot G-2 pens

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