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                        Mark York

                        Movies to watch in quarantine: ’20th Century Women,’ ‘Seven Samurai,’ ‘V for Vendetta’

                        This week, Mark York and Nitish Vaidyanathan review ’20th Century Women,’ ‘Seven Samurai,’ and ‘V for Vendetta’

                        Hi! We’re Mark and Nitish, and we (like most of you we hope) are practicing social distancing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We recognize that this is a super stressful time for a lot of people, and that many of you are being harmed by the virus in one way or another. So, we thought we’d do something that would hopefully lighten the mood. We are going to be watching and reviewing movies available on streaming platforms. Our column will be published (roughly) every week on Wednesdays.

                        ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ to unusual narrative

                        Dear reader, I am a proud narrative analyst — no, that is NOT a title I simply gave myself; do not inquire about the subject further. As a narrative analyst, I must assume that storytelling requires technique, or at the very least, little acts of intent to make it work. This assumption helps me sleep…

                        ‘Ace Attorney’ in the real world

                        Sometimes, the best of products come from the most seemingly mundane ideas, and this is true of “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.” While I must wonder how any sane mind thought of creating a video game series about defense attorneys, we got something incredible out of the phenomenon. With its over-the-top, cartoonish and dramatized take on…

                        The mind of an author with Robert Dugoni

                        It can be easy to forget, dear reader, that there is more to an author than a name on the cover. There is a mind to them, and a heart, too — after all, machines have not claimed the writing field quite yet (see the algorithmically produced “Harry Potter and the Portrait of what Looked…

                        A newcomer’s thoughts on ‘Endgame’

                        There is nothing quite like the Marvel Cinematic Universe — that is, if you ignore DC, which is generally a wise decision. The intertwined structuring of Marvel’s films allows characters and plot points from initially independent films to coexist; an element from “Thor,” for instance, might play a role in “Iron Man 3,” even though…

                        Lasting notes from National Poetry Month

                        To celebrate the close of National Poetry Month, Reads writers gathered to rhapsodize on some of their favorite poems. Katherine Silk, Staff Writer “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth When I visited Williamsburg, Virginia, over spring break with a friend, one of the highlights for me included exclaiming in delight as I spotted patches of bright yellow…

                        Up: The ninety-minute masterpiece

                        It has been ten years since the premiere of Pixar’s “Up,” and I’m feeling old. Putting aside my personal age-related crises, however, this has always been a special movie for me. I was charmed when I first saw it in theaters, falling in love with the imaginative concept of an elderly man tying balloons to…
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